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FAC is a collection of 10,000K aliens avatars and NFTs, a unique randomly digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Freak Alien is unique and generated from over 256 possible traits, including expression, hats, helmets, clothing such as suits, shirts, tees, jackets, dresses, etc, and algorithmically generated randomness, which is why there are no two characters the same. All aliens are dope, but some of them are rarer than others.

The aliens are living as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. You can see the record and proof here.

Holding an alien will grant access to members-only benefits. After roadmap activation will activate futures areas and the benefit can be unlocked by our community. To access exclusionary members-only areas such as THE PUB, Aliensholders must be signed into their Metamask wallet.

FAC About Image



You have the opportunity to be part of our growing community. The Freak Aliens Club project will evolve and expand over the long term. We believe in individuals who share common goals and share similar successes.


It is yours alien, you own it. Rights of property and commercial use are granted to the consumer on their NFT. We are not responsible for your misbehavior. So keep it safe and secure.


We are going to make this community the first alien truly population in the blockchain outer space. We are The Freakaliens and together we stand.


We believe that people value the groups they belong to, so we want you to make decisions in Freak Aliens Club. We love to encourage our amazing community to share their ideas on our Discord server.

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weetlebit | Artist & Founder

Wettlebit is a dreamer, a person with great convictions, motivations, and the desire to take this project forward. He is a Dominican-Spanish artist-illustrator. He is excited to bring the Freak Aliens Club to the NFT world.

He is considered a lover of everything he does, and he always puts all his enthusiasm and effort into what he proposes. He is excited about the world of the unknown, abstract and alien, and he believes that we are not alone in the universe, as you can see.

That is why he presents these alien avatars in NFTs format, to which he put all his enthusiasm and desire for him, these aliens are part of him and he wants to share them with all of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Entering The Cute Monster Society means joining an family full of people who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.

The Freak Aliens Club consists of 10,000 NFT PFPs, a unique and randomly digital collectible that lives and is stored as ERC-721A Non Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It is your face to the metaverse world; that is how you will be recognized in the freakaliens community and on your social media platform.
Each FAC is unique and presents varied characteristics in the human world. Each outfit is responsible for attributes, such as hats, earrings, clothes   helmets, and much more. It will grant you benefits on our upcoming Projects, bars, restaurants, and everything we are preparing for you, such as discounts, free NFTs, and much more. We will be buying 4 bars/pubs for your pleasure. One bar in one city; New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Tokyo. Owning one of our aliens will allow you to write a piece of the story that will be used to make a short animated movie base on the aliens. ( 📖|the-book ) Maybe your alien can be featured in the movie, giving your NFT PFP a unique value.
A presale event is taking place at TBA, and the Public mint will take place on TBA. So stay tuned, and do not lose your chances to buy your Freak Alien NFT.
Pre-mint price is 0.05 ETH and 0.10 ETH for the public sale.
Your NFT is your digital key to unlock the exclusive "Pub" of the freakaliens community. It is your PFP in the metaverse and social profile that accepts NFT as a profile picture like Twitter. That is how the world will recognize you on future hang-outs. Alternatively, you can sell your NFT for profits. You can give it away, donate, or sell your NFT for profit. You chose.
NO. No more aliens will ever be made again. If you stay out, then you are out. However, there are more than 10k aliens. To learn more, go to the Discord and find out why there are more than just 10k aliens.
The PUB CLUB is all about having fun on the Discord, and the Twitter community is a place to talk about aliens, projects and arts, and lots more fun stuff. After the roadmap gets its final stage, we will begin to develop more cool stuff only for the freakaliens, and there is one more thing that will be revealed in its time. So buy your alien and do not miss it.
You will need at least one alien in a MetaMask wallet for our membership exclusives goodies, including becoming a "Verified Freak Aliens" in the Discord. Verified Freak Aliens are provided access to the #members-only, #role-bot, and #other-project-discussion channels. To join, type! Join anywhere in #general, and it will bring up the collab-land bot. ( is an outside service widely used by many Discords for this purpose; you can trust it to connect to your wallet.)
To get your high resolution of your Freak Alien, you need to open a ticket on our Discord community; you will need to prove you brought an alien to do so.
Scammers go where the money is being made, and there is no exception regarding non-fungible tokens. Do not click any suspicious links. Do not download any.SCR files or really anything that's DM'd to you. Never give your seed phrase to anyone, ever. Never sign any suspicious MetaMask transactions. Just assume anyone who is DM'ing you are more than likely a scammer, and act accordingly. In the crypto-verse, we are our bank. Honestly, take security seriously.